Easy Halloween costumes ideas!

We've all been there - the last minute panic when we remember we don't have a Halloween costume sorted! 

Never fear - we have a few ideas to get you going. And the best news? They're all based on a single pair of black leggings! 

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

1. Mickey Mouse Costume

Black leggings, black top and red shorts - that's all there is to it! Oh, and a pair of mouse ears (if you can't find a pair at short notice, a headband and black card works wonders!)


2. Catwoman Costume

You need a little bit of sass to pull this one off! But the basics are your everyday essentials - black leggings, a black strappy top and black boots. Just add a mask and some cat ears and you'll be purr-fect.  

3. Sandy from Grease Costume

Another classic that uses your wardrobe essentials! Black leggings, a black top off the shoulders and a pair of red heels (big wig optional!). Tell me about it, stud...

4. Black Widow Costume

ScarJo would be proud of you, whipping together an outfit in 2 seconds flat! All you need for this one is a pair of black leggings, a zip up black top and some sturdy boots. Gun holsters if you've got them, if not a bit of attitude will do!

We hope we've given you some inspiration. While we can't help with the cat ears and masks, we can provide the perfect black leggings for your outfit


  • Henry Thomas

    Your blog is very much informative and also your costumes for Halloween. All outfits you shared are looking stylish. I would suggest you try Beth Dutton’s pink coat which is also very attractive and in line with the latest fashion trends.

  • Dave Cooper

    Nice outfits for Halloween

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