What Height is Petite? Clothing Size Explained

Over the years, fashion has seen a lot of evolving with regard to style and design. These changes have led to different regions having unique fashion aspects. One notable fashion characteristic that varies all around the world is the size of clothes.

As you go from country to country, there are various classifications for the length and width of clothes being worn, depending on the physical attributes of the owners of these clothes. In this piece, our focus is on the UK and the generally accepted size of clothes that are classified as petite.

What Height is Petite?

If you ask a lot of fashion enthusiasts and experts in the UK what height they think to be petite, you might get a wide range of answers from these individuals. However, most of these fashion-intelligent people will say that women no taller than 5’3” or 5’4” are classified as petite. A lot of people often assume that the term ‘petite’ describes women that are slim and not so tall. In truth, being petite or not has nothing to do with weight but everything to do with height. 

Most fashion brands do not specifically target petite women when creating clothing. A good percentage of the clothes being made are suitable for women above 5’5” in height. This is despite the average height of women in the UK being 3ft 3 1⁄2 in. There are a number of fashion stores that understand the need for high-quality clothing for petite women and are solely focused on this aim.

Is Petite Clothing Just Shorter?

For tops, petite clothes tend to have smaller shoulders, shorter torsos, and shorter sleeves than other size categories. Also, trousers for petite women are shorter than most others. 

In summary, if your height falls anywhere less than 5‘3” or 5’4”, you can proudly call yourself a petite lady. Also, if you find that most clothes you find are too large for you, with a little searching, you will definitely find a proper fashion store which has clothes that are a perfect fit for you.

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