About Us Old

Lacuna was born from frustration.

Our founder Lucy realised she wasn't alone in wanting high quality petite leggings that actually fit.

My mantra: No flared, rolled up ankles or baggy knees compromises!

Fed-up of having to make do with the products on the high street, I decided to take matters into my own hands and design leggings that fit properly. After exploring different designs and fabrics, I finally created something that exceeded my initial expectations. Receiving compliments from family, friends and strangers made me realise that this was a wide-spread issue, and so Lacuna was born! 

Our Values

Real bodies, real shapes
Our bodies are all different, and at Lacuna we embrace that. Our designs are created for everyone, especially those who are often not served by mainstream brands. 


All Lacuna products are designed and rigorously tested to be fit-for-purpose. Whether that be fabric choice or extra features such as pockets, your needs are always our main consideration.

High quality

From design to material and the finished product; everything that we sell here at Lacuna is of the highest quality. 


All Lacuna products are delivered through your letterbox in our custom cardboard packaging and biodegradable cover. We also offer a recycling service where we will recycle your old leggings for you! Find out more about our sustainability pledge here