What other businesses won't say about Black Friday...

You wont see "80% OFF TODAY ONLY!!!" plastered on our social media and site over the Black Friday weekend... and there is an interesting reason why.

We simply wouldn't do that to you.

Speaking honestly and openly as a business, its an opportunity to create huge amounts of pressure on people like you as 'customers' to purchase things you didn't need (even if it looks like a bargain).

I won't bore you with the stats & facts...but it only takes a quick google to reveal 9 out of 10 items were cheaper in the months before or after Black Friday (you can read more on that here).

We really care for each and every one of you ladies who have taken the time to shop with our small business. I wouldn't be okay with pressuring you into something you may not be willing to do or afford.

I believe its only fair you get to take your time, doing what you want, when you're ready to do it. I'd love to talk to each and every one of you before you tried anything I made, just to understand if it's what your looking for.

Everything we do is rooted in taking care of other petite women (as no other brand out there wanted to) - we said if we were to start a business it couldn't be done through taking advantage of other people or the planet.

However, we understand that Christmas is around the corner, and its a joyful time of year and here we are being scrooges...

As I said before....we'd love to chat and I'm sure we can sort something special out depending on what your looking for - just hit the chat button (that looks like the image below) and drop us a message! 


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