We love rewards as much as the next petite gal, so that's why we've given you plenty of opportunities to earn them! 


To earn points, you must create an account. Points cannot be transferred between accounts. Points can be earned through purchases at a rate of 1 point per £1 spent. You can also earn points by liking and sharing on social media and when it's your birthday! We'll also give you a few to start the ball rolling when you sign up. 

To redeem points, you must log in to your account. The rate to redeem your points is 10 points per £1 (eg if you have 500 points, this is worth £50). You must redeem your points in the app to create a voucher code which you can use at checkout. This code cannot be combined with other discount codes. You must have at least 300 points to be able to redeem them. 


You can also earn points by referring friends. To do this, you must log into your account to find your unique referral link. When a friend purchases using your link, they get £7.50 off their order, and you earn 170 points. You can only refer new customers, the referral link won't work for those who have already purchased from us.