The Petite Strawberry Bodyshape

The Petite Strawberry Bodyshape

This body shape is frequently shared by athletes and models, with about 14% of women having it. With your slender, toned arms and strong shoulders, read on to find out how to dress your beautiful petite body

How to tell if you're a Petite Strawberry?

Some of the common features of an strawberry shape are:

  • Your widest points are your shoulders
  • You have narrow hips
  • You don't tend to have much definition around the waist
  • You have a fairly flat bum
  • You have a strong upper body
  • You have nice, lean legs
  • When you gain weight, you gain it above the waist

You may not fit all of these points, but if the majority apply to you
then chances are you are an strawberry shape!

Best Features of Petite Strawberry Body Shape:

Typically for strawberry shapes, these are your best features:

  • You have long, lean legs
  • You have strong defined shoulders and arms

These are the areas you want to draw attention to predominantly
and celebrate!

Goals For a Petite Strawberry:

There are a few things you should always consider when putting
together an outfit that perfectly flatters your petite strawberry shape:

  • Add curves to your body, balancing your shoulders
  • Soften your angular frame, especially on the upper body

General Tips for a Petite Strawberry:

Add curves to your shape on the lower body:

  • It’s all about adding curves and volume to your lower half, which you can do by wearing flared skirts or dresses, or wide leg trousers.
  • Make sure that any extra embellishments on your outfit are on your waist or your lower half to really draw that attention downwards!

Soften your shoulder angles

  • A simple way to soften the shoulder angle is to wear either deep scoop or V-neck tops or dresses.

Show off your legs!

  • If you’ve got them, flaunt them! Give your killer pins an outing by showing them off in short skirts and shorts.
  • Don’t forget to wear high-waisted, voluminous styles - paper bag style shorts for example would look great

Petite Strawberry Celebrities:

You’re in great company being a petite strawberry! Here are a few celebrities that share your petite body shape:

  • Victoria Beckham (5'4)
  • Lucy Liu (5'2)
  • Renee Zellweger (5'4)

Things to Avoid as a Petite Pear: 

Drawing attention to your shoulders

  • Tops with wide necks or very straight horizontal lines will contribute even more to adding width to your upper body, which you want to avoid.

Appearing top-heavy

  • A simple way to avoid appearing top-heavy is to wear darker colours on the top and lighter, brighter colours either around your waist or on your bottom half.
  • If you do want to wear something which is lighter on the top, then make sure you have plenty of volume on the bottom to balance it out

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