Meet our founder - Lucy

Welcome to LacunaFit! I'm Lucy, the small person behind the big name! 

I'm often asked what led me to create LacunaFit, the petite active living brand which has helped thousands of women look and feel amazing - building a wonderful community in the process. 

The truth is that I'm no businesswoman. In fact, I'm a 5ft lady full of frustration and sick of not being able to find what I needed to dress myself the way I wanted to. 

Let me tell you the tale of how I struggled with imposter syndrome at work, sat there in clothes that didn’t fit me. The breaking point was attending a work conference several years into my role as a product manager and being asked ‘where I was studying’.

The availability of genuine petite clothing was hit-and-miss, often simply a full size item had been cropped (why would a company create a whole new design after all). Naturally women like me were either wearing children's clothing (this didn’t do much for my sophistication or appeal to the men out there), or in oversized bags for tops, rolling or chopping the bottoms to size.

Turns out I wasn't alone in being neglected by the fashion industry - there were so many ladies who I confided in and vented frustrations with on basic items such as finding a good pair of leggings that actually fit.

Everything we make at LacunaFit is tested and modelled on real women in a variety of sizes and ages. Women who’ve had children, women who run more times per week than I have in my life, women who are size 6 and women who are size 16. They are all real bodies like you and me. What would be the point if it looked great on a mannequin or a runway but made the ladies who wore it feel overlooked or uncomfortable. 

The best part of making garments for real women is they have beliefs, fears and desires. They tell me their deepest secrets, their greatest goals. I work with expert petite fashion designers to weave this into the garment. It may just look like a gorgeous staggered drop hem, but it embodies the confidence given to ladies who can cover their bum whilst visually lengthening the leg at the front. 

We’ve come a long way since plus size was taboo, and neglected by fashion. It's now time for petite or more explicitly shorter women to get some limelight. Petite doesn’t mean 5’7 but thin, it means real women under 5’4 of every age and size. Not to bore you, but it also comes with a whole host of changes from narrower shoulders to shorter sleeves and different rises. 

The fashion industry is slowly changing - but we don't want to wait. We are making the change right now.

We want to start the conversation that being short and treated as less than others shouldn’t be acceptable in fashion. We are the first dedicated active living brand who is catering just for us shorter gals. I’ve got a great team of passionate people behind me, and we are so excited for what is coming.