5 Petite Wardrobe Hacks You Need To Know

5 Petite Wardrobe Hacks You Need To Know

We know you love quick and easy everyday wardrobe hacks.

They will let you take your outfit to the next level, even when your clothes are not a perfect fit you. It's all about getting the most out of what you've got!

1. Shorten long, baggy trousers with just two hair bobbles!

Yes, you can shorten long baggy trousers with hair bobbles. This is quite an easy fix for long flowing trousers, simply use the bobble to adjust the trouser to the desired length as shown in the video.

2. Three ways to style a shirt as a petite lady

You can really enhance the look of a plain white shirt with a simple adjustment to the sleeves, neckline and 'french tucks' are a game change for short legs!

3. Use the rule of thirds to look sleeker

Yes, you can use 'rule of thirds' to enhance your look, especially as a petite woman looking to lengthen legs.

This rule can work in almost any outfit, here I am showing you just how easy it is to adjust the dress i'm wearing. 

More on the rule of thirds!

A 1/3 to 2/3 ratio is an aesthetically pleasing composition, it instantly changes the proportions of your body and can make your outfit look very flattering.

The examples below speak for themselves, where the lines divide the body enhances leg length. This can be flipped to create a longer torso which still is visually appealing, as shown in the leftmost image.  

4. Stop your heels slipping in espadrilles

This is not a petite specific hack, but its so important (especially if you have little feet).

The trick involves how you initially put your foot in the shoe and tie it in place, its a subtle trick, but you'll really notice the difference!

    5. Shorten blazer sleeves - a quick and easy fix using hair bobbles

    Yes you can quickly and easily fix the sleeve further up your arm with hair bobbles!

    This allows you to create more desirable proportions which are especially important for petite women.


    One of the greatest techniques of all is dressing for your body shape, this goes beyond hacks and tricks. Its all about using what your mother gave you, to your advantage! 

    Ever wondered what your Petite Body Shape is and how to dress for it?

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