How to Wear Leggings With Style

How to Wear Leggings With Style

Gone are the days where leggings were only to be found in a gym. In fact, they’re a fashion staple. Today, we’re here to show you how to style leggings properly for every occasion - no matter your age or style preferences.

What are leggings?

Leggings are a type of pant style that are thicker than tights, but thinner than your average trousers. They can add warmth, shape and streamline your outfit. 

Leggings are typically stretchy and a popular go-to for day-to-day wear and nights out. In fact, leggings are a staple in almost every wardrobe!

We’ll show you how to style our petite leggings (or any leggings you own) in today's styling guide. 

How to style leggings everyday

Leggings with sweatshirt and shoulder bag
  • The ultimate casual look is leggings with a statement t-shirt for that stylish yet laid back vibe
  • Nipping to the shops? Pop a long blazer on with some trainers for a fashionable yet casual look
  • A cute jumper is always a go-to with leggings. They’re comfy, great for lounging or popping out for a walk
  • Don't forget to accessorise! A simple shoulder bag is the perfect addition to your casual look.

How to style leggings in summer

Pink leggings with a cami top
  • Whether it’s spring or summer, lighter colours look gorgeous on both the top and bottom half
    • Have a go at staying in the same colour palette for a streamlined look (works wonders for elongating the petite frame especially!)
  • Don't be afraid to experiment with paler hues like blues, greens and pinks
  • Try pairing your leggings with cami tops for a summery, casual look
  • Light, loose tops over leggings are perfect for those cooler spring and early summer evenings
  • Don't forget you can throw in your favourite pair of sunglasses to keep your look stylish


How to style leggings for winter

Leggings with leather jacket
  • The trick to autumn and winter is that it's all about layers! Don't be afraid to mix patterns, materials or throw a jacket over cozy knits.
  • The slim profile of leggings allows you to effortlessly style a larger top half profile from hoodies, jackets and gilets
  • Dark colours are the perfect winter look. Not just black, but also dark greys, navy and even dark reds
    • We stock grey petite gym leggings, plus other fantastic colours like pale blue and dusky pink. Check out our petite gym wear leggings - they double up as everyday wear too!
  • Cashmere jumpers can be a stylish way to keep cosy and comfy for an easy 'pull on' look with leggings

How to style leggings for occasions

Leggings with a blazer and heels
  • Blazers and shirts give a great contrast to tighter bottom halves and add structure to the look
  • Tucking in shirts can give a tailored look. For an even classier look - try the French tuck!
  • Throwing a trench coat or camel knit over a pair of leggings can really take the fancy up a notch
  • One big secret to dressing up leggings is in the choice of footwear. Don't be afraid to get out the thigh high boots (they make your legs look longer too!). They work well with leggings - no bulky fabric to tuck in!

How to wear leggings to the gym

Black leggings with matching top
  • Matching sets always look cute whether in the gym or studio. Got a pair of Lacuna Fit leggings? Match them with one of our petite gym tops!
  • A looser top over leggings can provide a covering yet functional workout outfit, with the looser top balancing the tighter lower body
  • A baseball cap and contrasting fleece will keep you looking stylish on your way to or from the gym
  • Accessories are key - a nice looking gym bag will look great whilst also allowing you to bring all of your gym essentials with you

Want some more legging inspiration ideas?

We absolutely LOVE The Sister Studio’s post on 40 ways to style leggings. She’s got everything from super casual to dressed up styles that will give you tons of ideas, no matter the occasion.

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What are petite leggings?

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