February Restock

Hey ladies,

Stock has finally landed!

I'll spare you all the details but its taken over a month, packages lost in the post and literally hundreds of phone calls to get to a solution.

Lacuna was born in the UK, but now has operations in Ireland to meet the needs of lovely ladies across Ireland and the rest of Europe.

We can now confidently say there will be no import duty to pay or surprise charges, products will be shipped from are Ireland base to those of you in the EU.

Not only have we restocked our black, but we have also listened to you and extended our sizes to cater to the curvier petites out there. 

Thank you so much for being patient. I've been overwhelmed with support and positivity from so many of you. My inbox and phone is always open to listening to even the smallest of details, criticism (it really helps!) and advice you can give me.

Im doing this for you, for me, for all us petites. I want to solve our problems, and I'd love to take you all on this journey with me.

Sending all my love, 

Lucy x